Monday, November 7, 2016

Beets Squashing 'em!

this one's quick and dirty -- every year squash sprouts out of the compost pile and in the spirit of science, I transplant them around the backyard in any place that'll accomodate the 10 foot long vines the result. by Summer's end we've got a boatload of butternut squash - which is not my favorite vegetable to work with. but after managing to give away a decent amount, I was left with a couple squash and wanting to clear 'em out so as an experiment took my (previously posted) borscht recipe and swapped out beets for squash... and it came out GREAT! While all the other ingredients remained the same, this one substitution yielded a golden soup that more savoury and a tiny bit thicker. This in turn made the spices, especially the cayenne less prominent, more subtle. the final effect was delicious!

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